Linking Your Student Subscription

How to Link

When you link your subscriptions, multiple new features become available, including Student PINs and access to Tools in Student RiskAssess. To link your subscriptions:

  • Log in to your Staff subscription to RiskAssess
  • Click Tools at the top right of your home page
  • Scroll down to Student RiskAssess and PINs
  • Click Link your Student Subscription >
  • Enter your Student subscription username and password and click Link >.

Student PINs and Student RiskAssess for assessment purposes

Once your subscriptions are linked, Student RiskAssess can be used more easily for assessment purposes. When PINs are enabled, students can set a PIN on the risk assessments they create. This PIN is required by students to view or edit these risk assessments again. This means other students are not able to view / copy their work. Staff are still able to access all risk assessments.

The PIN feature in Student RiskAssess can be used in a variety of ways. The simplest is to ask all students to choose their own PIN when they create a risk assessment. We recommend each student uses the same PIN on all their risk assessments (if they have several) and choose a hard-to-guess PIN (eg, 43085 not 0000). An alternative is to issue each student with a random PIN to use. Staff can view all student risk assessments and their PINs. If you have risk assessments that should not be PIN protected (eg, a template for students to copy from), then do not enter a PIN for it. It will be accessible by all students.

To enable the PIN feature for Student RiskAssess, you need to link your Staff subscription to your Student subscription. This is so that staff can log into Student RiskAssess using their staff password (ie, their normal RiskAssess password), and have access to all risk assessments without needing a PIN. See instructions "How to Link" above.

Now when your students log in to Student RiskAssess, they will have the option of setting a PIN when they start a new risk assessment or edit an old one.

When Staff log in to Student RiskAssess, they use the Student RiskAssess username, but the staff password (the normal RiskAssess password). They then have access to all risk assessments.

If your Staff RiskAssess password is easy to guess, this is the time to change it (click the Tools cog at the top right of your home page).

Here's an example of log in details for a school with both Staff and Student RiskAssess:

Staff username: sls
Staff password: 2000potassium

Student username: slsstudents
Student password: scistud

Students would still log in to Student RiskAssess with slsstudents / scistud and use PINs to protect their work. The student password does not allow access to Laboratory Scheduling.

Staff would log in to Student RiskAssess with slsstudents / 2000potassium, and would have access to all risk assessments without needing to enter PINs. Staff can view or change PINs on risk assessments (useful if students forget the PIN). Staff can access Laboratory Scheduling.

Staff can find out or change the PIN for an individual student risk assessment by logging into Student RiskAssess with the staff password, then finding the relevant risk assessment and clicking "Author's Update". The PIN field can be viewed and edited by the staff member.

Multiple Prac Management

The new "Multiple Prac Management" system in Student RiskAssess helps teachers and laboratory technicians efficiently provide feedback, review and sign off on large numbers of student pracs in one go. There is a new compact screen layout for reviewing pracs and seeing where they are up to, and a way to select up to 15 risk assessments to sign in one go. There are also new options for printing and downloading to help with collating equipment requests. To access this new system, click the button "Manage Student Pracs" at the top left of your home page in Student RiskAssess (when logged in with your staff password).

Students only see current calendar year

When your subscriptions are linked, students will only see risk assessments created this calendar year, to minimise copying from previous years. When logging in as a staff member into Student RiskAssess, all risk assessments are visible. If you want students to see an example risk assessment from last year, you can use Create Modifiable Copy as a staff member to easily make a risk assessment which will show up for current students.

Student RiskAssess contact details, year group lists and invoices

If you have linked your Staff subscription to your Student subscription, you are able to update your contact details and password, download invoices for Student RiskAssess at any time, and customise the year group list, by logging into Student RiskAssess with your staff password and clicking the Tools cog icon, located at the top right hand-side of your home page.

Same renewal date for Student and Staff RiskAssess

When your subscriptions are linked, you have the option in Staff RiskAssess (click the Tools cog at the top right of your home page) to 'Synchronise Staff and Student RiskAssess renewal dates'. This is in the top Billing section, and will average the due dates between your subscriptions to give you one single date for both, to simply the renewal process. You will still receive two invoices for renewal each year, but they will be sent on the same day and can be taken to accounts at the same time, and paid in a single transaction by your accounts team.