Subscribe a school not in Canada

We welcome international subscriptions!

RiskAssess will work for your school just as well as it does in Australia, New Zealand or Canada.

Since RiskAssess follows the ISO Standard on Risk Management, it is applicable in all countries that are signatories to the ISO Convention (almost every country).

Some of the Learning Resources in RiskAssess reference national legislation and will not be applicable to you, though it is likely that your country has similar legislation.

Otherwise, everything in RiskAssess is appropriate for your school.

RiskAssess complies with the latest version of the GHS (Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals) and obtains chemical data from the European Chemicals Association (ECHA), which provides the most extensive compilation of GHS classifications available.

Usually, schools subscribe initially to RiskAssess and may later add a subscription to Student RiskAssess (and Primary RiskAssess). Schools in which students have to design their own experiments (e.g. International Baccalaureate schools) may wish to subscribe at the beginning to both RiskAssess and Student RiskAssess.